• Educational Events

    - I provide on-going education to my clients in the form of newsletters and educational coaching classes.

    In-house financial literacy classes:

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  • Retirement Income Planning

    There are lots of advisors out there willing to help you grow your money. Some good, some not so good. With a multitude of Americans in or nearing retirement, there’s a growing need to help investors design and implement effective plans on which they can experience a comfortable lifestyle without having to worry about outliving their money.

  • Insurance Planning

    Life insurance can serve several purposes. Besides the most important benefit of providing for loved ones left behind, life insurance may be able to provide a supplement to your retirement income or offset long term care expenses. Life insurance is also the best way to provide a legacy to heirs in the form of a tax free death benefit.

  • Portfolio Stress Testing

    Almost everyone has been able to make money in recent years. The stock market has had some very good returns lately. However, how will your portfolio withstand a downturn of 10%, 20% or more? How long will it take you to recover from losses similar to 2000-2002 or 2008? Chances are good you will eventually make up the losses, but what if you don’t have the time to wait and need your money? If you don’t know, or your adviser hasn’t addressed a stock market correction, maybe you need to talk to someone who has a plan for when times aren’t as profitable as they been recently.

    For a free portfolio stress test and 1-hr consultation, click here. Just put Stress Test in the subject line.

  • Social Security Planning

    The buzz phrase in the investment world today seems to be social security planning. While effectively planning how to take social security benefits may be able to provide thousands of dollars of income over your lifetime, social security must be coordinated with other available retirement assets. If you’re only getting information on social security planning, you’re only solving part of the retirement puzzle.

    For a free Social Security optimization report and 1-hr consultation, click here. Just put SS Optimization in the subject line.

  • Low Volatility Accumulation

    Is the stock market too volatile for you? Do you have trouble sleeping at night, worried that a stock market crash will set you back years, or even cause unrecoverable losses? There are ways to invest that lower market volatility and have proven track records of outperforming most buy and hold strategies

  • Tax Advantaged Retirement

    Are you worried how taxes and inflation will adversely affect your retirement lifestyle? By utilizing properly designed strategies, you may be able to experience significant retirement cash flow that is 100% tax free.

  • Investment Management and Coaching

    Do you work with a professional who not only makes recommendations, but explains why those recommendations are best suited to your particular situation? Does he or she provide education to help you stay disciplined and focused on your long term financial objectives? Ongoing educational events provide the means for you, the investor, to stay plugged into your adviser and may lead you to long term financial peace of mind.

  • ROTH Conversions

    Roth conversions are another area getting a lot of attention in the media lately. But are you sure a Roth conversion is the best thing for you and your portfolio? Sometimes, it makes sense to NOT convert your IRA into a Roth. If you don’t know if it’s in your best interest to convert, I can help you make that determination.

  • Small business cost and tax savings

    As part of a national network of experts, I help business owners reduce or eliminate unnecessary taxes and expenses. Contact me for more information and a no-cost, no-obligation assessment.

Disclosure: Iron Mountain Financial is a registered investment adviser licensed in the state of Colorado to offer investment and insurance advice. Full disclosure.

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